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What Are The Symptoms of Lyme Disease?

→ Tick bite
→ Rash - Basically circular, sometimes spreading, or "bulls-eye", may appear away from the bite site, occurs in less than 50% of Lyme patients.

Musculoskeletal System

→ Joint pain and/or swelling
→ Stiffness of joints, back, neck
→ Muscle pain, cramps
→ Heel pain
→ Twitching of facial or other muscles
→ Restless legs

Neurological System

→ Headache, persistent and severe
→ Numbness and tingling
→ Weakness or partial paralysis
→ Light-headedness or dizziness
→ Burning or stabbing pains
→ Bells Palsy (facial paralysis)
→ Memory Loss (short or long term)
→ Confusion (difficulty with thinking)
→ Speech difficulty (slurred or slow, word finding)
→ Seizures/stroke symptoms

Vision / Eyes

→ Blurry or double vision, sight change
→ Sensitivity to light and flashing lights

Hearing / Ears

→ Tinnitus (ringing)
→ Sound sensitivity


→ Loss of sex drive


→ Mood swings, irritabilty
→ Unusual depression
→ Panic/anxiety attacks
→ Aggression/rage
→ Insomnia or sleeping too much
→ Obsessive-compulsive behavior
→ Suicidal thoughts
→ Paranoia

Respiratory / Circulatory System

→ Recurring bronchial infections
→ Shortness of breath
→ Chest pain/rib soreness
→ Night sweats or chills
→ Heart palpitations, murmurs, valve prolapse, heart block, heart attack

General Well Being

→ Extreme faitgue
→ Sore throat
→ Weight gain/loss
→ Jaw pain
→ Swollen/painfull lymph glands
→ Chemical sensitivity/increased allergic reactions
→ Skin changes/nodules under the skin, dryness
→ Flu-like symptoms/fever/ followed by intermittent illness